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Faux Paw Fashion Show 2014

July 23, 2014 in Faux Paw Fashion Show, What's going on by stevehall

When: Tomato Art Festival – Saturday August 9th 10:30-11:30
Where: Zeitlin Realtors Stage located in the BP parking lot at 11th and Woodland
What: This is an event open to everyone. It is a pet costume contest to see who can dress their pet (dog, cat, bird, monkey, lizard, mammals, reptiles, marsupials, insects etc.) the best.
Registration: $10 preregistration, $15 day of. Registration available the day of the event at the Lockeland Springs Neighborhood Association Tent, at the stage, or pre-registration available ahead of time below. Anyone who pre-pays with PayPal should pick up their ticket at the Lockeland Springs tent before the show.
Additional Fun: We are thrilled to have Scott Couch returning to MC this event for the 4th year and Ian Rhett to DJ the dogs down the catwalk!
For questions e-mail:

Proceeds will be donated to East CAN

Preregistration Online Only $10/Pet!

Pre-Register now with PayPal:


Lockeland Springs Park Contest Benefits; Projects for May 10

May 6, 2014 in Lockeland Park by Mike Loyco

We want to thank everyone who voted for Lockeland Springs Park in the Bridgestone contest, and who told others about it!  Your votes and conversations are already making a significant difference in improving the park.

Several neighbors and business leaders who became aware of the Park’s existence through the contest have offered to help support our park enhancement projects. Our sponsoring organization, the Lockeland Springs Neighborhood Association, has allocated $3000.00 to be used in park improvements, and others are discussing what they can do.  Going forward, all the verbal, financial and volunteer work contributions which were generated will help us enhance the community benefits of the park.

On Saturday, May 10 we plan to 1) place stones along trail edges , 2) mulch trails and beds surrounding newly planted trees, and 3) move brush to pick up points near the entrances.  

In the near future, we anticipate adding signs and trailhead improvements like benches and trash containers. We are also working to extend trails, get proposed bridges in place, find a way to stabilize the stone walls and foundations, label the trees with QR codes, and make the park boundaries clearer for visitors.

We hope you will join us next Saturday, May 10 at 9:00 at 1810 Woodland. We plan to work both there and at the trailhead at 1817 South 19th (Oak Hill Circle). 


Jim Polk and Bo Daniel Parr, Co-Chairs, Lockeland Springs Park Committee

Lockeland Springs Neighborhood Association

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Neighborhood Meeting – February 20th at Mad Donna’s Loft

February 17, 2014 in General Meeting, What's going on by egatlin

Join us at Mad Donna’s Loft this Thursday for our quarterly Neighborhood meeting.

LSNA Logo 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Mad Donna’s Loft (2nd Floor)
1313 Woodland Street
Nashville, TN 37206

February 20th, 2014 Agenda:

6:30-6:45 Introductions and Announcements
6:45-7:00 Lockeland Springs Eagle Scout project, by Antonin Koudelka
7:00-7:15 Rebuilding Together Presentation, by President, Scott Morton, and/or Executive Director, Becky Carter
7:15-7:25 Update from our East Precinct Officers
7:25-7:30 Judge Candidate Introductions, LSNA Wrap-up and Grant Application Announcement

Additional Information:
We are always looking for articles for the newsletter, please let me know if you are interested in submitting ideas or articles. Thank you.

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Lockeland Springs Grant Application 2014

February 17, 2014 in What's going on by egatlin

LSNA Grant ApplicationLSNA is starting to accept grant applications for 2014. The deadline is April 1, 2014. Download The 2014 Grant Application Here. Please submit an application if you have a project that will help our neighborhood. If you have any questions, please contact Annie Neal at or at 859-230-8118.

The purpose of this program is to provide funding and support for projects that affect and benefit the Lockeland Springs neighborhood. Factors that will be considered in awarding grants include building community, beautification, education, and safety. It is our hope that through this formal grant process, LSNA will have a better opportunity to support worthwhile community projects that benefit our neighborhood.

The amount and number of grants to be awarded will be decided by the Board of LSNA. We encourage applications for all types of projects, big and small. Additional details will be provided at the neighborhood meeting on February 20th at the Mad Donna’s and in the next issue of The Fountain. We look forward to helping support our community through this process!


This grant is funded by the Lockeland Springs Neighborhood Association (LSNA). The purpose of the grant is to provide funding and support for projects that affect and benefit Lockeland Springs neighborhood. The LSNA Board will select the grant recipient. The factors that will be considered in awarding the grant are:

  1. Building community
  2. Beautification
  3. Education
  4. Safety

Applications must be submitted by April 1 of the current calendar year to be considered. You may be asked to present your grant request at a LSNA general meeting. In addition, if you are awarded the grant, you will be required to: 1) submit a report on the progress/success of the project to the Board within 6 months of being awarded the grant; and 2) write an article which will be published in LSNA’s quarterly newsletter. In addition, the LSNA Board may request references and/or letters of support.

Download and Submit Your Application Today
Lockeland Springs Grant Application, PDF

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TREE PLANTING at Lockeland Springs Park

January 17, 2014 in Lockeland Park by egatlin

Saturday January 25, 8 am. Come put down roots!

Lockeland Park Clean Up Crew 2012Okay, so it’s not spring yet, but it’s hard to get ahead of early birds…they’re on the way, you know!

So fly on down to Lockeland Springs Park with us on Saturday morning, January 25, put down some roots, make places for birds to sing. Let the kids giggle with the gurgle from the springs, and float troubles right on down the stream.

We will be plantin’ pawpaws (the picking ‘em up and putting ‘em in your pocket part comes later, of course) and other trees on and around the valley floor, among the springs and streams. (Yes, pawpaws really are Tennessee natives, and they do have delicious fruit, and we will be planting them.)

Lockeland_Springs_Park_mapSo come at 8:00 (or when the spirit moves you, sleepyhead) to Lockeland Springs Park, at the end of the jag of Woodland Street alongside Lockeland Design Center (to the field at 1810 Woodland, to be exact). Bring a friend, a shovel if you have one, work gloves and boots. We’ll meet you there, or if you’re arriving later, follow the trail from the edge of the woods at the back of the field down into the valley. We’ll be at it until around noon…

In the meantime, whether or not you can make it on Saturday, come on down. Pulling privet and bush honeysuckle is as easy right now as it ever will be, after all the freezes and rain. Choose a warm sunny afternoon, call your buddy, come down to the open valley floor and work downstream, following the water. (It’s a great workout and stress reliever. Ask Joel Daunic; you may find him there already at work. We think he’s addicted to privet pulling; we’re glad to say he does it any time he gets a chance.) If you are wondering, the privet bushes are covered year-round with dark green, ¾” long oval leaves. Just don’t cutl the grapevines- raccoons, possums and birds love wild grapes, and cut vines sprout Tarzans.

So, we’ll be looking for you. Might even bake a cake if you let us know you’re coming Saturday morning.

If it’s below 32 degrees/ raining, the “make up” date will be the next dry Saturday above freezing.

Jim Polk and Bo Daniel Parr, Co-Chairs. LSNA Lockeland Springs Park Project
For more information, call Jim at (615) 507-8844 or email

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LSNA 2013 Year in Review

January 17, 2014 in Past Events, President's Corner by egatlin

LSNA had an exciting 2013. Below is a summary of activities and events that LSNA supported during the year, which aligns with our four-pronged mission toward building community, beautification, education and safety.

35th Annual Tour of Homes: In December, LSNA presented A Celebration of Home, the 35th Annual Tour of Homes, is the largest and most important fundraiser for LSNA. The East Nashvillian provided the history of the homes and we had hundreds of visitors. Funds raised will be used toward supporting LSNA’s mission.

Lockeland Park: LSNA continues to work with Metro Parks to develop this park, which features the historical Lockeland Spring. Improvements for 2013 included over a half dozen Saturday clean-ups and we planted approximately 35 trees, pulled hundreds (perhaps thousands) of privet and honeysuckle bushes and sprouts, and removed lots of brush and rubbish from the park. Volunteers included high school students from Vanderbilt University’s Science and Math program, parents from Lockeland Design Center, the East Nashville Mother’s Club and a homeschooling parents group. In December, we requested another 200 trees from the Tennessee Division of Forestry’s Urban Riparian Tree program, which we expect to plant in the next two months.

Holly Street Firehall: Celebrating the 100th anniversary, LSNA worked with the Metro Historic to install a historic market to commemorate the centennial. Metro Historic and LSNA shared the cost of the marker. The maker provides historic information on the Firehall as well as neighboring Bass Park.

Faux Paw Pet Costume Contest: LSNA assisted East CAN with this popular event at Tomato Art Fest. We had over 20 dogs participate and raised approximatly $500 for East CAN.

Quarterly Neighborhood Meetings: LSNA hosted quarterly meetings at the East Branch Library to provide a forum for a range of important issues and topics relevant to Lockeland Springs throughout 2013.

The Fountain: LSNA publishes The Fountain newsletter every two months to announce neighborhood activities, events, and news. In 2013, LSNA purchased a new mailing list to ensure that all neighborhood homes receive the newsletter. We also worked to clean-up our books and now request upfront payments for ads to sustain the newsletter. We have an amazing group that works on the newsletter and we hope to continue the mailings in 2014.

LSNA Grant Program: In 2013, LSNA launched a new grant program. We are using some profits from the Celebration of Home to fund the program. The purpose of the grant program is to award monies to organizations that seek to improve our neighborhood. This year, we had two winning submittals including the Holly Street Daycare and Park Center. A new sign was installed at the Daycare and landscaping improvements were made at homes owned by Park Center located on Shelby Ave. LSNA hopes to continue the program in 2014.

Donations: LSNA made donations to several important local community/charity organizations, including the East Nashville Mom’s Club for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Generation Connection for their summer camp. LSNA also donated to the Shelby Park disc golf course and recieved a marker at hole #1 crediting our organization.

Mayor’s Neighborhood Challenge: LSNA participated in the newly launched Mayor’s Neighborhood Challenge. The goal of the program is to create greener, healthier and more involved communities. LSNA achieved a bronze level in all three categories: Healthy, Green and Involved.

Community Character: As part of our LSNA bylaws, our organization works to “protect the integrity and character of the neighborhood.” To that end, we started the process to extend the historic overlay to the parts of Lockeland Springs that are not currently covered. Look for more information about this process in 2014 and let us know if you would like to get involved in this effort.

Membership Activity: In 2013, we increased our Facebook “likes” from approximately 60 to 270 in just twelve months. We also continue to support the Lockeland Springs Listserv, which has over 900 members. Our membership is at approximately 50 members, which we hope to increase in 2014.

These are just some highlights of activities and events that LSNA sponsored this past year. We are looking forward to more successes in 2014 but need your help. Please join LSNA and get involved today!