TREE PLANTING at Lockeland Springs Park

January 17, 2014 in Lockeland Park by egatlin

Saturday January 25, 8 am. Come put down roots!

Lockeland Park Clean Up Crew 2012Okay, so it’s not spring yet, but it’s hard to get ahead of early birds…they’re on the way, you know!

So fly on down to Lockeland Springs Park with us on Saturday morning, January 25, put down some roots, make places for birds to sing. Let the kids giggle with the gurgle from the springs, and float troubles right on down the stream.

We will be plantin’ pawpaws (the picking ‘em up and putting ‘em in your pocket part comes later, of course) and other trees on and around the valley floor, among the springs and streams. (Yes, pawpaws really are Tennessee natives, and they do have delicious fruit, and we will be planting them.)

Lockeland_Springs_Park_mapSo come at 8:00 (or when the spirit moves you, sleepyhead) to Lockeland Springs Park, at the end of the jag of Woodland Street alongside Lockeland Design Center (to the field at 1810 Woodland, to be exact). Bring a friend, a shovel if you have one, work gloves and boots. We’ll meet you there, or if you’re arriving later, follow the trail from the edge of the woods at the back of the field down into the valley. We’ll be at it until around noon…

In the meantime, whether or not you can make it on Saturday, come on down. Pulling privet and bush honeysuckle is as easy right now as it ever will be, after all the freezes and rain. Choose a warm sunny afternoon, call your buddy, come down to the open valley floor and work downstream, following the water. (It’s a great workout and stress reliever. Ask Joel Daunic; you may find him there already at work. We think he’s addicted to privet pulling; we’re glad to say he does it any time he gets a chance.) If you are wondering, the privet bushes are covered year-round with dark green, ¾” long oval leaves. Just don’t cutl the grapevines- raccoons, possums and birds love wild grapes, and cut vines sprout Tarzans.

So, we’ll be looking for you. Might even bake a cake if you let us know you’re coming Saturday morning.

If it’s below 32 degrees/ raining, the “make up” date will be the next dry Saturday above freezing.

Jim Polk and Bo Daniel Parr, Co-Chairs. LSNA Lockeland Springs Park Project
For more information, call Jim at (615) 507-8844 or email